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ISAG(G) says:

Purpose – To identify the level of arrangement of the unit of description

Rule – Record the level of this unit of description

We say:

This field has always been for the archivists and it is questionable if users have ever understood what it means. Where born digital material is being incorporated into existing arrangements it will be necessary for a decision to be made as to what ‘level’ it fits in at for the purpose of consistency with past practice. It is questionable however, whether this past practice is entirely appropriate or translatable to collections of wholly born digital material (e.g. Web Archives are often ‘arranged’ thematically – and our attitudes to it probably need to evolve in the near future.

For the sake of consistency, where born digital material is being assigned a level, it is probably an idea to try to ensure that the level which is normally the deliverable unit for paper material (be that file or item level) is also the level which is normally the deliverable unit for born digital material.

Andrew Janes
Andrew Janes The statement that this element 'has always been for the archivists' is questionable. If researchers have little understanding of it, that's a... Show more 4 years ago
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