Accreditation for complex services - going it alone or...

Melinda Haunton Discussion started by Melinda Haunton 7 years ago
Something that has come up a few times (and will soon be in the FAQs), is what your approach should be if your archive service has a strong relationship with another service which is also eligible for accreditation.

For example, what if you run a joint front of house service but have separate governance?

What if your parent body contains more than one unit which is in itself eligible as an archive service (like a Special Collections run separately from a University Archive)?

What if your service runs several separate access points, which hold their own collections and are physically far apart?

The answer in all cases is: look at where the balance lies, and make a judgement as to what works best for you. Accreditation needs to come in a format that is meaningful for your service and its situation. Trying to yoke two basically unconnected services together will give you a complicated, unhelpful result, but where there are substantial shared areas (maybe joint staffing, joint governance, a shared collections management approach), it is likely to work best to put in a single application.

If separate applications look like the way to go, you could put in a ‘lead’ application from one partner and if another partner then wanted to apply they could refer to the first applicant service's answers where relevant rather than writing an entirely separate and duplicate response for the shared services.

If you're in a complex service, what are your thoughts so far?
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