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Sarah Colborne Discussion started by Sarah Colborne 7 years ago

Just wanted to find out about the level of awareness of, or intention to get involved in, activities centered around the BBC Two series to be broadcast in May and June: 'The Great British Story - A People's History', presented by Michael Wood.

BBC Learning are planning events at eight locations (not the East Midlands, unfortunately) which are aimed at showing the public how to go about finding out more about their local history. The themes are place names, surnames, local history, landscapes, preservation and interpretation of historical artefacts, and oral history.

The BBC Learning Project Manager for the East Midlands is looking for interest in putting on similar events in our region, with the potential of support from the BBC for promotion, resource packs, and perhaps even funding(!).

This may come up at the Regional Meeting on the 20th February, but I thought I'd raise this here so that anyone unable to attend can comment/contribute suggestions.

Sarah Colborne

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