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I'm a Deeds Clerk with a firm of solicitors.  The Land Registry has gone all-electronic, and once your house/mansion/land is registered, all your historic bits of paper (mortgages, transfers, trust deeds, vitriolic repossessions, ornate 19th century indentures, old maps pre-railways and metalled roads) become irrelevant.  Indeed, the Registry destroys them or, in the quaint term that is used, they are 'dematerialised' as if by some clinical blaster ray.

I believe many solictors use the process to thin out their deeds store - and I regret that many may simply be shredding these old documents.  (I rescue anything interesting and try to find an archive to take them.)

Perhaps someone should be mailing solicitors and others who hold old deeds to urge them not to destroy them?  Or are they of no real interest?  I agree, many are dull, but sometimes they contain so much hard-won data, often laboriously hand-written. 



Catherine Taylor
Catherine Taylor I understand the British records association have in the past (and still do?) contacted Solicitors firms with a leaflet about about the value of... Show more 7 years ago
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