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Dear all
You have no doubt now seen the advert for the position of Assistant Archivist at the National Railway Museum, York; which was erroneously featured in the issue of ARC Recruitment issued last Friday.
You will notice that the advertised salary - £16,605 - is well below the ARA's recommended minimum professional salary of £22,001. ARC Recruitment does not advertise professional jobs that offer below £19,427. In this case, the advert was published entirely in error and should have been refused unless the salary was raised.
I have talked with John Chambers, the Association's Executive Director and am satisfied that this was a genuine error and that suitable action  has been taken to ensure that this does not happen again. I also gather that the ARA will be reviewing its salary recommendations in September in order to bring them into line with current NJC payscales.
However, this does not detract from the fact that the salary on offer falls way below accepted industry standards. Whilst the ARA Northern Region accepts that we live and work in a straitened financial climate, the salary on offer does not reflect adequately the demands of the post; nor does it reflect the need for a postgraduate qualification and  experience of searchroom working and of cataloguing systems and software.
John Chambers has agreed with us that is appropriate for the Region to formally express its disappointment and regret at this salary.
The Regional Exec was considering holding the 2012 Regional AGM at the NRM. As initial immediate action we have therefore removed the NRM from consideration.
Coincidentally, we will be holding a Regional Officer's meeting this Friday. We will discuss any further action then, but in the meantime I would like to hear your opinions as a Regional member so we can feed this into any further decisions/actions we take, both as a Region and nationally. This is very short notice, but any thoughts in reponse to this message by  2pm on Friday 19th  will be taken to the meeting.
Many thanks,
Gary Brannan
ARA Northern Region
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