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Matthew Hunt Discussion started by Matthew Hunt 7 years ago

Dear All,

My name is Matthew Hunt, I am a postgraduate student currently studying for a masters in Archives and Records Management at University College London. As part of my dissertation, I am looking into the perception of the postgraduate dissertation as a means of preparing students for a career in archives or records management. 

This survey is aimed at:

* Qualified Archivists or Records Managers currently working in the UK
* Archivists or Records Managers would obtained their qualification from the 1980s onwards (although if you qualified earlier you are more than welcome to take part)

All survey results will be anonymous. The questionnaire is a maximum of 12 questions in length and should take a maximum of just 15-20 minutes to complete. As an incentive for taking part in the survey respondents will be entered into a draw to win a £10 Amazon voucher.

The survey can be accessed here:

I would also be grateful, if you have the time, if you could direct other qualified archivists or records managers towards this survey to help increase response rates.

Thank you kindly for your help, I greatly appreciate the time you have spared to help me to compile my research.

Kind Regards

Matt Hunt
ARM Student, University College London

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