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ISAD(G) says:

Purpose - To identify any publications that are about or are based on the use, study or analysis of the unit of description

Rule - Record a citation to and/or information about a publication that is about or based on the use, study, or analysis of the unit of description. Include references to published facsimiles or transcriptions.

We say:                                          

For born digital materials, this element should be used in roughly the same way. However, it should be noted that what constitutes ‘publication’ has changed. This element should record all instances of publication (print or online) and should use appropriate citation for online publication, e.g. where possible, a doi, URL etc. If linking to a website, also record the date last accessed and consider periodic link checking.

Andrew Janes
Andrew Janes The points about online publication and linking to websites are very true but not unique to catalogue entries for born-digital materials. 4 years ago
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