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Jenny Bunn Discussion started by Jenny Bunn 5 years ago

ISAD(G) says:

Purpose – To indicate the existence, location and availability of copies of the unit of description.

Rule – If the copy of the unit of description is available (either in the institution or elsewhere) record its location, together with any significant control numbers.

We say:

For born digital material, we feel that this field needs to be applied slightly differently. The institution may well have multiple copies of any particular digital object (separate access and preservation copies, multiple versions of each etc.) Details of all these copies will be held, but probably out with the catalogue. Users may be interested in these details or they may not, but the places in which they will be referenced for the user include the elements Physical characteristics and technical requirements (3.4.4) and Archival history (3.2.3). Copies for born digital material should be taken to mean copies/versions of the material held out with the institution which are not on open access online (since this is taken to mean that they are published – see Publication note (3.5.4)). For example, it is often the case with personal ‘papers’ that the creator will retain a copy of all the material given to the archive.

Andrew Janes
Andrew Janes Here and in 3.5.1, is 'out with' meant to be 'outwith'? This is really hard to follow for those of us from areas where this word isn't commonly... Show more 4 years ago
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