SAT Presentations

Alexandra Eveleigh Saturday, 19 March 2011 22:09

Presentations given at recent Section for Archives and Technology (formerly DSG) meetings are made available here:

pdfThe House of Fraser Archive: An Implementation of the Series System
A presentation by Victoria Peters, University of Strathyclyde, 20 June 2012

pdfFrom autonomous fonds to the unity of distinction: A cybernetic history of archival description
A presentation by Jenny Bunn, University College London, 20 June 2012

pdfWorlds in Words? Map cataloguing standards for archivists
A presentation by Andrew Janes, The National Archives, 10 June 2011

pdfLinked Data
A presentation by Jane Stevenson, The Archives Hub, 24 February 2011

pdfRisks and Opportunities of Storing Information in the Cloud
A presentation by Nicole Schulz, Aberystwyth University, 24 February 2011

pdf Managing Collections: BSI PAS 197 a framework for the future
A presentation by Teresa Doherty, The Women's Library, and Susan Snell, Library and Museum of Freemasonry, 28 June 2010

pdf The National Archives Resource Discovery Initiatives
A presentation by Jone Garmendia, The National Archives, 28 June 2010

pdf An Introduction to Linked Data
A Presentation by Leigh Dodds, Talis, 25 June 2009

pdf Data Mining Within the Changing Information Landscape
Presentation by Lale Ozdemir, The National Archives, 25 June 2009

pdf Tools for Implementing Digital Preservation Standards: A Preliminary Assessment
A presentation given by Chris Prom, Fulbright Distinguished Scholar, University of Dundee, 3 February 2010

pdf The potential and pitfalls of archive user evaluation
A presentation by Dr Ian Anderson, HATII, University of Glasgow, 30 January 2009

pdf Multiple Narratives, Multiple Views: Exploring the shift from paper to digital archival description
A presentation by Jenny Bunn, PhD researcher, UCL/The National Archives, 30 January 2009