Age of Algorithms - A lunchtime webinar

Jenny Bunn Tuesday, 06 November 2018 12:00

In this ARA Section for Archives & Technology webinar, to be held on 5th December, 12.00-12.45pm, we will discuss Clifford Lynch’s 2017 article "Stewardship in the ‘Age of Algorithms’”. In this piece Lynch defines the characteristic features of the ‘Age of Algorithms’ and argues that we need new approaches to archiving the large, complex socio-technical systems it has produced, approaches that create testimony rather than dealing with the work of documenters. What role - we might ask - is there for archivists in this model? Can, should, and must archivists become content creators to meet these new stewardship needs?

This is a participatory, discussion based webinar. In preparation please read: Clifford Lynch, “Stewardship in the ‘Age of Algorithms,’” First Monday 22, no. 12 (2017),

The webinar will be hosted using video conferencing service BlueJeans and the link is

If are interested in taking part, it would be very helpful if you could register that fact, by signing up at:

This session will be chaired by James Baker, Senior Lecturer in Digital History and Archives at the University of Sussex and we look forward to seeing you there.