Cataloguing Born Digital Material - 3 November 2014

Jenny Bunn Monday, 11 June 2018 20:06

Presentations (in PDF format) from this event are now available as is a record of the discussions that took place in the afternoon.

Intricacies of Born Digital Description: User Expectations and Digital Realities, Anthea Seles, Digital Transfer Manager, The National Archives

The theory and the truth: Cataloguing a hybrid archive, Chris Hilton and Victoria Sloyan, Wellcome Library

Cataloguing: everything or nothing?, Jessica Womack and Rebecca Webster, Institute of Education

A non-archivist's perspective on cataloguing born digital material, Jenny Mitcham, Digital Archivist, University of York

Lightning talks: Ellie Robinson, London School of Economics (talking about the Women’s Parliamentary Radio Archive), Chris Fryer, Parliamentary Archives (talking about work in progress), John Langdon, Tate Archives (talking about the PERICLES project)

Following on from this workshop, the Section undertook work in 2016 to create a set of Best Guess Guidelines for Cataloguing Born Digital Material.