Descriptive Standards Roundtable Activity in 2014

Jenny Bunn Tuesday, 02 September 2014 15:39

This year, DSR has manifested itself on two main occasions; the UKAD Forum in March, and the ARA Conference in August. The session at the UKAD Forum was based around a Mass Metadata Mapping Movement. Each attendee was assigned a data element from one of three metadata schema - ISAD(G), PREMIS (for digital preservation metadata) and ISO 23081 (for recordkeeping metadata) - and asked to find a partner to map onto. Sadly at the end of the day many of our elements did not find a match and ended up lonely and isolated, which might possibly be an indication of how we will find ourselves if we do not look more widely at metadata beyond the traditional and familiar elements within ISAD(G)? A more detailed summary of the session at the UKAD Forum can also be found below.

Then, at the ARA Conference, we heard from Chris Hilton of the Wellcome Library, who reflected on how ISAD(G) had changed his life, whilst suggesting that there was still more to be done. Also presenting was Victoria Peters from the University of Strathclyde, who spoke about her work on the ICA Experts Group on Archival Description, which is tasked, amongst other things with developing a formal conceptual data model for archival description.There was then just time for a quick chat about descriptive standards in anticipation of the event being planned by the Section for Archives and Technology on Cataloguing Born Digital Material, which will take place later in the year.