Rebecca Phillips and {target} are now friends 7 years ago

{actor} And WHAT is this Karma rating? I know I'm bound on the wheel for a good few thousand more cycles ....

{actor} Why have hardly any of us bothered to upload photos..... and why do hardly any of us have friends? Seems a bit harsh to rub it in the way... Show more

{actor} OK, I sit corrected. I have now understood the navigation system, and see that in fact there are lots of members out there.

I thought I was...
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{actor} And that's just about a fifth of the attic, let me say.

In one of my three garages, I have to sidle down between the shelves sideways,...
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{actor} Well, my profile photo just about sums it up. Welcome to my nightmare. That's my attic, containing the more recent putaway files. I also... Show more