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The All Party Parliamentary Group on Archives and History was set up inApril 2008 under the National Council on Archives (since merged with theSociety of Archivists and ACALG to create the Archives and RecordsAssociation of the UK and Ireland).

Pile of papers can be more than it seems

hywel in parliamentThe Group currently has two Chairs: Dr Hywel Francis MP (left), who has chaired the Group since 2010 and Lord Clark of Windermere (below right), who was elected as Co-Chair in summer 2014.

The Group  has enabled the sector to engage more effectively with decision-makers and opinion-formers in theAccreditationLordClark Westminster Parliament and given the ARA the ability to create strong links with Parliamentarians who are then able to advocate for our sector more widely. The opportunity to run high profile events in Parliament, gain senior speakers for archive sector events and publicise our work to government has all been given a huge boost by the creation of the Group.

All-Party Groups (APGs) are informal cross-party groups that have no official status within Parliament. They are essentially run by and for Members of the Commons and Lords, although many groups involve individuals and organisations from outside Parliament in their administration and activities. 

The All Party Group has approximately 80 members. 


A Report of the work of the All Party Group on Archives and History 2008-2015 has been published. Read it here. 


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A listing of the statutory 20 members required for an All Party Group appears at:


The All Party Parliamentary Group on Archives and History published History For All? about the teaching of History in England, in January 2013. Read the Report here and the press release here.

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