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Below are some of the jobs to be found in a large archive and/or records management service. 

Record Keepers

  • Archivist
  • Compliance/Information Officer
  • Production Assistant
  • Records Manager
  • Records Assistant
  • Search room

Conservation & Reprographics

  • Conservator
  • Conservation Assistant
  • Reprographics


  • Administration
  • Curator
  • Education / Outreach
  • Librarian 
  • Volunteer


Salary Recommendations

The Archives and Records Association recommends that the minimum salary paid to archivists, archive conservators and records managers who have recently qualified in their respective professions should be £22,443.

The Association also recommends that the expected salary for experienced archivists, records managers or should see an increase from this agreed minimum commensurate with the experience gained and responsibility held. Acquisition of the Association's Registration and/or CPD status should also be recognised.

No advertisements will be accepted for inclusion in ARC that specifies a starting salary for qualified archivists, records managers or archive conservators lower than £19,817.


Looking for candidates?

If you are an employer looking for an archivist, records manager or archive conservator, the bi-weekly publication ARC Recruitment from the ARA is a great way to reach the widest range of candidates. 

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