Registration Scheme

Broaden your horizons, improve your salary and employment prospects, anddemonstrate commitment to your professional status by completing the Archivesand Records Association Registration Scheme.

If you are keen to demonstrate your ongoing commitment to your career in archives, records management or archive conservation, then embarking upon the ARA's Registration Scheme is a positive first step.


Who is the Registration Scheme for?

To participate in the scheme you will need to be an ARA Member and a trained Archivist, Records Manager or Archive Conservator, with the following qualifications:

For Archives and Records Managers:

  • a degree (or recognised equivalent) and
  • a Diploma/MA from a University Archives Course accredited by the Association or the former Society of Archivists Diploma

For Archive Conservators:

  • The ARA Certificate in Archive Conservation

You can enrol on the Registration Scheme at any time after qualifying. The only requirements are that you are a full ARA Member and have a mentor in place to support you. You will then need to work a minimum of 3 years full time (or part time equivalent) in professional posts before you are eligible to apply for Registered status. During those 3+ years you will keep a record of stages in your professional development which you will compile into a portfolio. When you believe you have the necessary skills, experience and evidence to demonstrate your increased level of professional competence, you are invited to submit your portfolio for assessment.

Why Join the Registration Scheme?

The ARA Registration Scheme gives you:

  • a framework to support a 3-10 year structured development programme with free mentoring
  • the opportunity to develop your skills as a reflective practitioner
  • a mechanism for assessment and formal recognition of your progress and achievements
  • parity with other chartered professionals
  • access to experienced professionals and new networking opportunities

In addition embarking upon and completing the Scheme enables you to:

  • demonstrate your commitment to your professional status
  • get the most out of your job through ongoing learning as part of your 'Continued Professional Development'
  • stay abreast of new and changing techniques
  • broaden your horizons and help you adapt to change
  • improve your job package and salary prospects
  • add the letters RMARA after your name!

Where can I find out more?

Everything you need to know is included on this website. There are specific pages on Guidance for Candidates, Guidance for Mentors and Bursary Support each containing individual links to give you the detailed information you need to complete each stage of the Registration Scheme process.

Links to the complete set of Guidance notes are included at the bottom of this page.

To get started, information for people thinking of enrolling on the scheme is available here:

pdf Guide part 1: Introduction

Further Help and Contact Details:

Information about who to contact for more help can be found here:

pdf Guide part 7: Help

If you have specific queries about the ARA Registration Scheme please contact our Registration Scheme Registrar, Tricia Phillips at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you are a potential candidate looking for a mentor, you will find a list of registered professionals who are willing to act as mentors on our Members Only page.

Is Financial Support available?

Limited Bursaries are available to help Members attend relevant events and training courses.


Registration Scheme Guidance Notes

Everything you need to know about the Registration Scheme is included here:

pdf Guide part 1: Introduction

pdf Guide part 2: Candidates

pdf LOFs 2.1: Examples of Training Course

pdf LOFs 2.2: Examples of Study and Research

pdf LOFs 2.3: Examples of Work Achievement

pdf LOFs 2.4: Examples of Contribution to Profession

pdf Examples of Application Forms

pdf Guide part 3: Information for candidates submitting their portfolio

pdf Guide part 4: Mentors

pdf Guide part 5: Information for employers

doc Guide part 6: Blank Forms


Summary of Rules

Candidates can download a summary of the rules for the Registration Scheme.

pdf Guide part 9: Rules