ARA Core Training

The Archives and Records Association (UK & Ireland) is pleased to announceits Core Training programme.


ARA Core Training courses are high quality, affordable and offered regularly across the regions and nations. They focus on the common skills essential to all of us who work with records - from Audience Engagement to E-Records Management.   




More courses will follow soon.               

Find out more about ARA Core Training and all other training and development opportunities by clicking on the Training link here

  • Copyright 

This course offers participants practical and relevant training in copyright for archives, and will instil confidence to manage copyright demands in the workplace . Practical workshop sessions, led by copyright experts and archivists with extensive experience in the field, will ensure the opportunity for discussion and provision of advice.

  • Audience Engagement 

The course will cover various aspects of audience engagement, from producing an exhibition to running a successful community- based project. This will be a great opportunity to learn from the experiences of colleagues and to start developing some ideas of your own.

  • Freedom of Information 

The course will cover the basic principles of the Freedom of Information Act as well as exploring some practical case studies. This will be a great opportunity to develop your knowledge about the Act and how to implement it in the workplace.

  • Archives and Volunteers 

The course will cover how best to utilise volunteers in the workplace, from the practicalities of running a volunteer project to the value they can bring to an organisation. This will be a great opportunity for anyone interested in maximising the benefits of volunteering to both their organisation and for the individuals involved.

  • Digital Preservation 

This course will be updated periodically to address the issues archivist face when dealing with born digital material, it will involve case studies and practical first steps. It's a great opportunity to share and receive advice and knowledge about the many aspects of digital preservation.

  • Data Protection 

The course will begin with refresher sessions on the basics of Data Protection. In the afternoon there will be opportunities to discuss best practice and raise queries from your own workplace with an expert panel.

  • E-records management 

This course will provide a solid introduction to e-records management for record keepers who are not managing electronic records on a day-to-day basis. This course is a great opportunity to learn about and share best practice on all areas of the rapidly changing field of e-records management.

  • New and refurbished Archives Buildings 

Whether you are planning a completely new building or hoping to refurbish a part of an existing site this course will provide introduction to the key issues and themes involved in the provision of new and refurbished archives buildings.