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Louise Williams
I liked Caroline Williams, Managing Archives, for a readable account of the different tasks you will face as an archivist. I also read Yeo and Shepherd, Principles and Practice in Records Management and Archives - it's detailed, and baffled me a bit at the time, but clicked into place a lot more once the course has started. It's worth getting at least a brief idea of the concept of the records' continuum. Try Sue McKemmish's writing here:

Try: Yesterday, Today and Tommorrow, Are Records Ever Actual, or Evidence of Me.

I'd always advise doing a bit of reading before you start if you can - you don't have to be a walking encyclopaedia, but it might get you a bit ahead on your weekly workload and will boost your confidence no end.

I went to Glasgow, if anyone wants to contact me for any advice.
Friday, 01 June 2012 17:38