'Big vision' CPD work underway

Work on Competencies begins

The ARA Board is committed to a step-change in the Association’s Continuing Professional Development and Training offer.  Work is now underway in a number of areas including the development of a number of core training courses and packages which can be run regularly all over the UK and Ireland. 

Good training and career-long professional development are often the key reason for ARA membership. Recognising this, the new-look ARA Board has three members working on the CPD portfolio: Shirley Jones, Jessamy Carlson and new Board member Wesley Geddis.  

caroline williams cpdFollowing a tender process, Caroline Williams has begun work to define the competencies required by archivists, records managers and conservators (as well as non-professionals such as volunteers) to work effectively at a range of levels of responsibility.  The outcome – a competency framework for the sector – is expected to help individuals, managers and organisations to identify and develop the skills and knowledge necessary in order to be able to operate effectively across a spectrum of workforce activities. This framework can then be used to inform the relevant professional development needs and options for everyone, whether a basic practitioner or the leader of a service.

To develop the ARA Competency Framework, Caroline will undertake a broadly-based consultation to ensure maximum input from the sector and will have a number of meetings around the UK and Ireland. She is running sessions at the summer meetings of the Northern, London, and South-East Regions is currently inviting involvement from other groups too. The Framework, expected to be complete in October 2012, with a presentation of progress at the annual ARA conference in August, is seen as a vital first step in defining what each career progression stage requires of the individual and therefore what training and development pathways are most fitting.  Caroline Williams describes the work as ‘exciting and challenging, with the potential to change the way we all see our careers, skills and our ‘next professional steps’’. The existence of a competency framework will, she believes, reflect ARA’s aspiration to empower improvement in its members’ performance and act as a benchmark for comparison with sister professions.

The big vision is to offer ARA members a package of training that is relevant at any and all stages of their career,’ says Shirley Jones. ‘Many aspects, like Registration, are already in place but there are currently gaps in our provision and we lack a logical framework of development for our members’. 
Read more about Caroline’s early thinking here . If you are interested in joining the newly formed Competencies Focus Group or in organising a workshop session for your area or interest group This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.to discuss this.  She is also very happy to answer any queries about her work. 

CPD Competencies Framework Presentation.