Important workforce data collection

ARA members urged to take part 

The ARA is working with the Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS) to gather workforce data from the Libraries, Archives, Records and Information Management Services (LARIMS) workforce across the UK. LSIS are the Sector Skills Council responsible for archives and records management. The sector's National Occupational Standards are held and developed by them and, says ARA Chief Executive John Chambers: 'We need to participate in the workforce sector survey so we can help to ensure the sector is properly understood and that its future needs for development are identified'.

If you are the head of an archive and/or records management service, no matter what size and whether public, private or third sector please complete the survey. The deadline is 8 July.

LSIS  hopes that this study will provide extremely valuable data for tracking change in the workforce.
Here is the link to the online version of the LARIMS survey:

A paper version is available here . You are strongly recommend to use this to gather the relevant data from your organisation first, before filling in the survey online. Once you have gathered the data, it should only take 10-15 minutes to complete online.

The ARA considers this research to be important to the sector

Surveys must be submitted by Sunday 8 July 2012.If you have any technical difficulties in responding to the online survey, please contact Hal Bonella at LSIS by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..