All Party Parliamentary Group on Archives and HIstory gains new members

Group grows after call for new members 

Dr Hywel FrancisThe size of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Archives and History has grown significantly following a ‘call for new members’ from the Group’s Chair, Dr Hywel Francis (pictured). Dr Francis wrote to all Labour MPs and Peers explaining the importance and the activities of the Group; the response was very positive and 20 new members have joined the Group.

Other Officers of the Group are writing to members of the other political parties.

The All Party Group, which is administered by the ARA’s Head of Public Affairs Marie Owens, is committed to supporting the work of the UK’s archives. In a recent ‘Opening Lines’ in ARC magazine, Dr Francis wrote: ‘The Group is learning more all the time about the work and issues of the archives sector and the current issues concerning the study of history. I hope we are also highlighting the successes and helping, where we can, to relieve the challenges’.

The All Party Group has an annual programme of visits and events, including the high profile lunch each year to honour the lifetime contribution of an archivist and an historian. In February 2012 the Group honoured Lord (Asa) Briggs and Sarah Tyacke.