Sector applauds M&S

The National Archives, the ARA, the Business Archives Council and theScottish Council on Archives sign letters of congratulation to M&Sas new Company Archive opens at University of Leeds

M&S Archive in LeedsOliver Morley, Martin Taylor, Dr Terry Gourvish and Dr Irene O'Brien have signed letters of congratulation to  the Chairman and the Chief Executive of Marks and Spencer to coincide with the opening of the new M&S Company Archives building at the University of Leeds.

As well as applauding the investment in a new archive, the sector leaders wished to encourage other businesses to use their archives - as M&S do - to support new business.

The letter reads:

'We write to congratulate you and your colleagues on the opening of the new Marks and Spencer Company Archive at the University of Leeds. We have no doubt that this will secure its place as one of the most important business archives in the UK.

As archivists and record-keepers, we applaud the investment you have made to protect your – and all of our – heritage. 

Equally, we welcome and commend to others your very strong message about the crucial role your archive plays in your business.  We believe that UK businesses can learn a great deal from you on how to exploit the creativity of a business in the past to deliver new products that support current business performance.

This is a very proud day for the UK archives and record-keeping worlds and all who work to promote, collect, manage and give access to business archives'.

Dame Stella Rimmington opens ArchiveThe Marks and Spencer Company Archive at Leeds University was opened by Dame Stella Rimmington on 16 March.









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