New Code of Conduct proposed

Proposed code to be put before the membership 

All full members of the Archives and Records Association (ARA) sign an undertaking that they agree to abide by the Association's Code of Conduct in their professional life.  The current Code of Conduct was drawn up by the Society of Archivists in 1994 and agreed by the membership in October that year.  Two years later in 1996 the International Council on Archives (ICA) adopted a code of ethics for the archive profession.

With the creation of the Archives and Records Association in 2010 the opportunity arose to review our Code of Conduct and ensure it was still fit for purpose.  It was agreed by the ARA Board to look at the ICA Code of Ethics with a view to adopting it as our Code of Conduct.  A small working group looked at the Code of Ethics and made some minor suggestions to ensure the wording included all our full members not just those working as Archivists. 

The revised Code of Conduct sets out principles and expected behaviour for those working in the archive and records  sectors. It covers all areas of best practice including the acquisition, appraisal, preservations, conservation and access to records. As with all policies it is not possible to cover all eventualities but the revised Code provides a framework within which a professional can work to maintain defined professional standards.  The ARA Board is available to advise in any situation where clarification is required.
The Board is satisfied that the revised Code of Conduct is a resilient and workable policy and would like to put it before the membership for adoption and implementation.

Read the current Code and the proposed Code here.