Calling all 'Why Be?' guides highlight the benefits of playing your part with the ARA

The ARA has launched a series of Why Be?' guides that help to explain thebenefits of volunteering for the ARA via your Section or National or Regionalgroup.

As a member of the ARA, volunteering with your ARA Nation, Region or Section will broaden your experience, build Registration Scheme credits, support continued professional development, raise your profile and help you meet more like-minded people in your area.

The National and Regional groups and Sections serve a vital role by taking the valuable work of the ARA to a local level, helping to spread the benefits of training, events and networking.  They also raise the profile of local issues and activities and lobby the ARA council on matters pertinent to the region.

John Chambers from the ARA says "The ARA is a very successful volunteering organisation and there are great opportunities to be had for our members by joining in.  The 'Why Be?' guides have been launched to explain the roles and the benefits to both the volunteer and the ARA."  

There should be something for everyone with a range of roles to suit different people.

The 'Why Be?' guides ask and respond to the questions:

Why be ….a Chairperson?  Why be…..a Treasurer?  Why be…..a Communications Officer? Why be…..a Secretary?  Why be…..a Regional Representative on the Committee for the Nations and Regions?

To see and download the new Guides go to Play your part with the ARA.


Read about some experiences from current National and Regional volunteers:

“Being Chair for ARA Scotland has been a rewarding experience that has allowed me to gather new skills and learn more about our profession and the sector.  Having now been part of the executive in Scotland I can see how much the role can keep you up to date with issues in the sector, new initiatives and in meeting colleagues and learning about what they do.  This can be very useful - so you can ask the right people for help and advice as a professional.”

Rachel Hosker.  Chair of ARA Scotland

“In September 2010, I was elected web officer for FSPS and began to work with the committee by publishing information on the Archives and Records Association (ARA) website. Through this role, I have been fortunate to meet and talk with a wide range of individuals experienced in their field - whether it be film, sound or photography. Having this opportunity has supported my professional development and allowed me to build a good network of contacts across the UK, including individuals based in specialist, academic and local authority repositories. My involvement in FSPS has also provided the learning experience I need to complete the Registration Scheme.”

David Baldwin.  Archivist London Metropolitan Archives (LMA) and Website Officer for ARA’s Film Sound and Photography Section (FSPS).

“All regional Training Officers are expected to attend the Training Group meetings on a twice yearly basis. These meeting are excellent for sharing training ideas and understanding the training needs of our members as a whole.” 

“I’ve also learned a useful skill in budgeting for training events as well as event management. These are additional skills which I would not have learned in my current role as they are not required.”

Lee Pretlove.  Records Management & Archive OfficerTraining Officer – Eastern Region.

If you are interested to read more about the experiences of these ARA volunteers read Views from current ARA volunteers.

If you are interested in membership of the ARA see Join the ARA.