Volunteering in Collections Care - New Best Practice Guide

Volunteers have been supporting the work of archives and special collectionlibraries for many years and as programmes of work have become more widespreadand structurally integrated within organisations a demand for detailedguidance on best practice has arisen. To fulfil this need the ARA haveworked with the London Metropolitan Archives and a researcher to developpractical guidance on the development, recruitment, management and monitoringof collections care volunteer projects. The Volunteering in CollectionsCare Best Practice Guide can be downloaded and distributed for free

A report based on 19 case studies from 10 organisations accompanies the summary guide and covers the key areas;

policy and agreements

advertising and interviews

increasing diversity

planning and task descriptions

induction, training and supervision

complaints or problems

evaluation and documentation.

The report includes examples of volunteer policies and task descriptions, and while it is aimed primarily at collections care programmes it is envisaged that the information could also be of use in other volunteer activities. As well as celebrating existing work it is hoped that this publication will encourage and support the formation of new and innovative schemes involving volunteers both for the benefit of the organisation, communities and individual volunteers

Get the report here Volunteering in Collections Care Report