Assessment and revalidation

Assembling your CPD portfolio

The opportunity to have your CPD work formally assessed will occur twice a year, as for the current Registration Scheme. This is done through the online e-portfolio Mahara.

The CPD Programme Manager will be responsible for managing and administering the assessment rounds with the candidates and assessors.

  • For Foundation level, this will be done by a Foundation Level assessor (a registered member of ARA) through submission of a portfolio.
  • For Registration level, this will be done by a Registered assessor through submission of a portfolio.
  • For Fellowship level, this will be done by a Registered assessor (and eventually by Fellow assessors, when there are enough Fellow members of ARA to do so). This will be done through submission of a portfolio and a Peer Review Panel ie by interview.

Programme Criteria are now available which detail the full requirements at these three membership levels. This Programme Criteria sets the standard for each of the three assessment levels by stipulating how many competencies need to be written up, at which level and with which supporting documentation, in order to complete your portfolio for submission and assessment.

Putting your portfolio together

The material in your portfolio will depend partly on the Programme Criteria for the selected level of CPD assessment. The Programme Criteria gives full details of these requirements at each of the three assessed levels, which may include:

  • Your CV
  • Competency write-ups and evidence
  • Mentor’s reference
  • Contribution to the Profession statement (Fellowship only)

The competency write-ups are compiled on a standard template which will be made available on the online e-portfolio system Mahara.


ARA members wishing to retain Foundation, Registration or Fellowship levels of membership beyond a 5 year period following their initial assessment will be required to revalidate their attainment. This entails preparing a short summary of your CPD activities over a five year period which will then be assessed. The revalidation assessment rounds will take place twice a year. For retired members who wish to retain their status, a separate revalidation process is outlined in the Programme Criteria.

A reduced portfolio is required which provides evidence of active CPD over the assessment period over fewer competencies than the full portfolio. This will include:

  • CV
  • Portfolio Summary Sheet
  • Competency write-ups and evidence (fewer than for initial assessment)
  • CPD statement

The Portfolio Summary Sheets will be available on the online e-portfolio system Mahara.


CPD Steering Group, July 2017