Continuing Professional Development

At the ARA, we consider Continuing Professional Development to be an essentialpart of the support we provide to the record keeping sector and the ARAmembership. Our new CPD Programme is under development and will be launchedin summer 2017.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a vital tool for developing new skills and for staying updated and in touch across archives, records management and conservation. An important role of the ARA as a membership organisation is to support its members in developing into reflective practitioners who can evaluate and build on their knowledge and expertise throughout their careers, at all levels of experience.

Chris SheridanChris Sheridan has been appointed CPD Programme Manager and can be contacted on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Chris’s job is to implement, develop and maintain our new enhanced CPD offer, embedding the value of CPD in our activities and to our membership. The key priorities are:

Ensure the new CPD programme is ready for launch in August 2017

Launch the new CPD programme and deliver successful marketing and uptake of the CPD programme in its first year so as to meet member expectations and make it financially viable for the medium term

Develop CPD in response to feedback and maintain the programme 

Building on the success of the current Registration Scheme and after extensive piloting, a new CPD programme will be launched in summer 2017 providing a structured CPD framework and support for ARA members at all levels of their career. 

Please note that the piloting work is ongoing and some of the fine details of the new Programme are still under discussion.

Key features

  • CPD based around gaining competencies (skills and knowledge) in a number of areas
  • 3 levels of attainment: Foundation, Registration and Fellowship
  • Assessment typically through submission of portfolio
  • Online tools to log professional activities and achievements
  • Support from mentors and through training
  • Launch of CPD Programme in 2017
  • First assessment rounds 2018
  • Revalidation every 5 years

Why launch a new programme?

The Registration Scheme has been very successful in helping members develop professionally in the years after qualification. Feedback has, however, demonstrated the limitations of the scheme in terms of simply describing activities, as well as the lack of opportunities for recognising professional development at earlier and later stages of members’ careers.

The new programme focuses on demonstrating skills, learning and knowledge by providing a framework of functions performed by those working across archives, records management and conservation. This Competency Framework is a clear and structured tool with which to reflect on the skills and knowledge we acquire from our different roles and activities. 

What is the value of CPD for me and my career?

Continuing Professional Development within a formal programme:

  • leads to a sense of personal and professional achievement
  • encourages the development of new skills and knowledge
  • helps to identify gaps in expertise and therefore areas for subsequent learning
  • facilitates an understanding of how even routine activities and roles can help with professional development
  • encourages reflection on competencies
  • reinforces and adds further substance to current skills
  • assists in articulating abilities, learning and experience to current and potential employers
  • helps to plan future career progression
  • demonstrates how skills and knowledge are applicable at different levels of proficiency

Finding out more

The new CPD Programme is still under development, so we welcome feedback on any aspects of it. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Watch out for information about workshops and training happening in an area near you soon.

More information is available elsewhere on the CPD Programme webpages and will be added to in the coming months.

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CPD Steering Group, July 2017