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Section for New Professionals
Thursday, 28 October 2010
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  • Is this section still active? Who should I contact to get involved, if it is?
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  • My blog about my experience archiving art collections at Leeds University
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  • It's upon us - the first New Professionals' Summer Seminar is finally here.

    We're looking forward to meeting everyone coming tomorrow. A reminder to those of you attending the tour of the Tate archives, we'll be meeting by the Manton entrance of Tate Britain (Atterbury Street) at 10.15. Everyone else please be at the Anatomy Museum, KCL (details in Caroline's email) by 12.45.

    You can download the finalised agenda here:

    Alternatively see our News and Events page
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  • Download a flyer for our upcoming Summer Seminar here:

    Alternatively see our News and Events page (
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  • I'm new to the whole area of archives and probably using all wrong terminology. But I've recently been appointed to voluntary post as archivist to a charity which I am part of. It's not a huge organisation but has national coverage, is part of an international organisation and there's plenty to do. So I'm looking for training in probably basic archive skills, at least to start with.
    Would welcome suggestions of good courses if anyone's got good ideas. I'm based in Canterbury, UK. Have found something by the "Archive-Skills consultancy ltd", at . Can anyone recommend/ comment etc.?
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  • Dear all,

    The new Section for New Professionals e-magazine is now available to download from our 'news and events' page:

    We've got some great articles and features. Have a look and let us know what you think. Once you've read the magazine we'd be grateful if you would fill in the questionnaire (also available on the news and events page) and email it to us at:


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The Section for New Professionals will represent, inform and promote the interests of all pre-course volunteers and trainees, students on record keeping, archive and archive conservation courses, and newly-qualified professionals.
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Hi Joanna, I myself made the transition a few years ago and haven't looked back since. Initially I found it quite a change in dealing with staff across a large organisation with different knowledge, needs, and perceptions (though you might say that most archivists do this with a variety of user groups) I also found the need to regularly advocate the benefits of records management quite a new thing at first, however after a few years in the field it's almost become second nature. I think as a profession its definitely one where you need to look at what your whole organisation is trying to achieve and make sure your activities are ticking as many boxes as possible (e.g. I looked at my organisation's plan for the next few years and tried to make sure records management was helping to achieve some of the objectives). It's a very interesting field of work to go into and one which can encompass a whole raft of areas including information security, information governance, compliance etc. I also really like the fact that it gives you an insight into many aspects of the organisation that you work for, outside the normal remit of records management. With on-going developments in technology I think now certainly is the time to change to records management and embrace the opportunities it can bring with it. Thanks, David
Last replied by David on Tuesday, 02 April 2013
I liked Caroline Williams, Managing Archives, for a readable account of the different tasks you will face as an archivist. I also read Yeo and Shepherd, Principles and Practice in Records Management and Archives - it's detailed, and baffled me a bit at the time, but clicked into place a lot more once the course has started. It's worth getting at least a brief idea of the concept of the records' continuum. Try Sue McKemmish's writing here: Try: Yesterday, Today and Tommorrow, Are Records Ever Actual, or Evidence of Me. I'd always advise doing a bit of reading before you start if you can - you don't have to be a walking encyclopaedia, but it might get you a bit ahead on your weekly workload and will boost your confidence no end. I went to Glasgow, if anyone wants to contact me for any advice.
Last replied by Louise Williams on Friday, 01 June 2012