The ARA Board

The ARA Board comprises the Chair, Vice-Chair, Honorary Treasurer, HonorarySecretary and up to eight Directors

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How the Board works

There are up to twelve Board members who are responsible for ARA's strategy, policy and governance. The Chair, Vice-Chair, Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary are directly elected to those positions. The remaining eight Board members manage portfolios, assigned depending upon their skills, to support activities linked to ARA's strategy and mission.

ARA BOARD PORTFOLIOS and responsibilities at May 2017


Includes responsibility for

  • Diversity
  • Volunteering
  • Community Archives and Heritage Group (CAHG)
  • User section (if formed)
  • Supporter issues and concerns

Portfolio holder: Katy Thornton

Nations and Regions (Covering the 8 regions and 3 nations)
Portfolio holder: Karl Magee

Professional Development
Includes responsibility for

  • New Continuing Professional Development scheme
  • Winding down the existing Registration scheme
  • Liaison with the Section for New Professionals regarding professional development

Portfolio holder: Charlotte Berry

Professional Training
Includes responsibility for

  • Training Group and Core Training
  • External Qualifications Accreditation team.
  • Liaison with FARMER
  • Conservation Training Certificate

Portfolio holder: TBC

Publicity and Promotion
Includes responsibility for

  • ARA Awards
  • ARC Magazine, ARC Recruitment and ARA Today
  • ARA App
  • Archives and Records Journal
  • Wider communications
  • Campaigns

Portfolio holder: Maria Castrillo

Specialist Groups and Sections
Includes responsibility for

  • Archives for Learning and Education Section
  • Section for Business Records
  • Section for Film, Sound and Photography
  • Section for Special Repositories. Including reports back on affiliated groups: Charity Archivists and Records Managers (CHARM) Historic Houses Archivists Group etc.

Portfolio holder: Hazel Menton

Standards and Innovation
Includes responsibility for

  • Chief Archivists in Local Government Group (CALGG)
  • Archivists of Scottish Local Authorities Working Group (ASLAWG)
  • Section for Archives and Technology
  • Legislation Working Party
  • Section for New Professionals
  • Section for Preservation and Conservation
  • Section for Records Management and Information Governance
  • National Surveys Group
  • Security and Access Group

Portfolio holders: David Jenkins and Vicki Wilkinson


  • Vicki Wilkinson provides oversight of the ARA's records management systems
  • Charlene Taylor, ARA Treasurer, is responsible for membership issues (with support from Natalie Milne, ARA Secretary)

Latest Board Updates

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Parliamentary Under Secretary of State and Minister for Intellectual Property  

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