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Archives for Learning and Education Section Annual Conference 2014

The Archivist as a Teacher

The Frith Centre, Gloucestershire Archives, 30th May 2014

Archivists are often portrayed as professional multi-taskers. One of the most valuable skills they possess is the ability to present, disseminate and make information accessible to a variety of audiences in a wide range on contexts and formats. In some respects, archivists share skill sets with teachers and more broadly speaking with education professionals. This is particularly the case when archivists become involved in the development of educational resources.
This one-day conference explored that aspect of the archivist's work. Questions that we wished to cover in the day included:
  • should archivists consider themselves to be 'teachers' - what is teaching and is that what we do in these situations?
  • what are the skills that archivists need to share with teachers?
  • what do archivists bring to the classroom that teachers and other education professionals can't
  • what should archivists create? (perspectives on changes to the curriculum in England and Wales and Scotland)
  • how can archivists market/advertise their existence and the existence of their resources/services?
Presentations from the day will be added soon. 

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