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We are developing user stories to inform the development of a framework of competencies. These stories are generic, identifying how such a framework could be used and therefore what dependencies they create.

What have we missed? We need to make sure these stories reflect how frameworks will really be used.


User Stories

    • I employ records managers and archivists. A framework of competencies would help me to write effective job descriptions and support my staff.
    •  I am a qualified archivist undertaking Registration. A framework of competencies would help me to plan my personal development and focus my portfolio to benefit my future career,.I am a Registered archivist and I want to keep my skills up to date. A framework of competencies would help me to identify my strengths and weaknesses and take action
    • I am interested in archives as a career. A framework of competencies would show me the range of activity in the sector and whether it’s really for me.
    • I run an archives qualification course. A framework of competencies which relates to the ARA course accreditation would show how courses fit within wider professional development and could help to clarify what the strengths of our course are.
    • I am considering offering a pre-course placement to future archivists. A framework of competencies tied to course experience requirements would help me to plan suitable activities across a range of work areas and offer a really good experience to trainees.
    • I am a preservation volunteer in archives because I love old documents, but I’m wondering if there are other opportunities for me to get involved. A framework of competencies would help me to understand the range of activities undertaken in archives and where I might be able to contribute and develop my own skills.
  • I am an ARA Board member and we are developing a process of awarding fellowships for leading members of the profession. A framework of competencies would help me to identify outstanding contributions to the archives and records profession in the UK.

These user stories have led to the following dependencies, which the competency framework must satisfy: 


User story dependencies:

  1. A framework must reference National Occupational Standards to support employer understanding and use of the framework.
  2. A framework must support self-assessment of skills, knowledge and aptitudes.
  3. A framework must support action planning for personal and professional development. It must cover a range of post-qualification development.
  4. A framework must be publicly accessible for reference.
  5. A framework must take account of existing accreditation standards for professional course content.
  6. A framework must include pre-qualification or para-professional level competencies.
  7. A framework must cover the full range of work in archives and records.
  8. A framework must include recognition of leading and outstanding levels of competence.
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